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Dear readers,

These sides will hopefully never find an end......
.....because always, when it my time permits, I plunge myself into my favourite occupation,
then I write furtheron at my booklets.....

which grow to files and fill slowly my filing cabinet!
So things go on now since 1996. In the course of these long years, I hope,
to get some "reasonable" thereby, which came out of my soul.
Also  - this is a further attempt to prove the fact that the world and the life are interesting and a lot of positive has to be said about them!
What the matter is with that and how it has come to this - please read it by yourself! 




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29 September´98


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Very, very interesting:  

Monod, Jacques (1971). Chance and Necessity.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf. p. 180. ISBN 0-394-46615-2

Molecular ontogeny

At the start of chapter five "Molecular Ontogenesis" Monod states he will show that the process of spontaneous autonomous morphogenesis depends upon "the sterospecific recognition properties of proteins; that it is primarily a microscopic process before manifesting itself in macroscopic structures. Finally, it is the primary structure of proteins that we shall consult for the "secret" to those cognitive properties thanks to which, like Maxwell's demons, they animate and build living systems" (Monod 81). Monod mentions oligomeric globular proteins again and how they appear in aggregates containing geometrically equivalent protomer subunits associated into a non-covalent steric complex. With mild treatment protomers are separated and the oligomer protein loses function but if the initial "normal" conditions are restored the subunits will usually reassemble spontaneously. This spontaneity is due to the fact that the chemical potential needed to form the oligomer is present in the solution of monomers and because the bonds formed are non-covalent. The author continues to mention the sterospecific, spontaneous assembly of ribosomes and T4 bacteriophage from their protein constituents in vitro. Monod points out that the overall scheme/architectural plan of the multi-molecular complex is contained in the structure of its constituent parts and it is therefore able to spontaneously self-assemble. Next Monod reviews the primary and tertiary structure of proteins. In reviewing the tertiary structure, what he calls the native shape, he talks about the non-covalent interactions which bind the amino acids and the folding that determines the molecules three-dimensional shape including the sterospecific binding site. The author then writes that a primary structure exists in a single (or a small number of related states, as is the case with allosteric proteins) precisely defined conformational native state under normal physiological conditions. Prior to folding there is no biological activity. The sequence of the amino acid residues and the initial conditions determine the protein folding and therefore dictate the function. Monod splits up organism development into four broad stages: First the folding of the polypeptide sequence into globular proteins, then the association between proteins into organelles, thirdly the interactions between cells that make up tissue and organs, and lastly "coordination and differentiation of chemical activities via allosteric-type interactions" (Monod,95). Each stage is more highly ordered and results from spontaneous interactions between products of the previous stage and the initial source is the genetic information represented by the polypeptide sequences. The author then spends some time developing the fact that the preceding sequence of amino acids had no bearing on what the next amino acid will be. He says this "random" message seems to be composed haphazardly from a random origin and he ends the chapter poetically when he writes "Randomness caught on the wing, preserved, reproduced by the machinery of invariance and thus converted into order, rule, and necessity. A totally blind process can by definition lead to anything; it can even lead to vision itself" (Monod 98).


ontogenesis: is the origination and development of an organism

Proteins: Proteins perform a vast array of functions within organisms, including catalysing metabolic reactions, DNA replication, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules, from one location to another. Proteins differ from one another primarily in their sequence of amino acids, which is dictated by the nucleotide sequence of their genes, and which usually results in protein folding into a specific three-dimensional structure, that determines its activity. 


New thoughts from 2018: 

  1. And there were good other times! Is the best time of my life now? But it is callous and from the need making a virtue! And – one also can be content without it! Clearly all young people look for their luck, however some must be content with contentment!


  2. the cow Elsa needs only a green meadow! However such a human-body requires much, much more! Detail-richer is its fate, much more diverse! First fresh diapers, without it becomes quickly sick! Warm matters for the winter! Milk and vitamins, please! A roof over the head against rain and snow! Fried food, fresh socks - every day a shower, good red wine for the evening, and a job! Much more diverse! Much more difficult! Constantly, something can go wrong! Now, somebody possesses no more milk for the baby! Dreadful matter for a baby! Yes, we must pray much with it our body copes here! We don't need any fins, the cow Elsa also not, but we need a whole lot other! The cow Elsa however not! She doesn't have to pray so much as we, because she doesn't have this necessary! She is with her next life, with her next beautiful fur, already sooner!


  3. Two others would say other to it, anyway would they find other words, but often also another sense! Madly, not true? They would find other words! Would talk for example more nobly or exactly this not! With it all laugh on that occasion if somebody says something uncommon! Then, it is probably so, that one cannot or should not say anything uncommon! What now is again this? Well, everyone knows this normal! Please, answer him normally! Yes, then I know by myself what I must say! Everyone knows normal answers! Is it then great to meet somebody, that gives an unique reply?


  4. Even if one doesn't have any solid topic! One has a whole lot of thoughts – and they are even well thoughts, because one is not stupid! Because of that, one has clever thoughts! One therefore has which, and it is clever to understand, that it would be worthwhile to write some of these down! The people should understand this once! There are so many topics and people! There one is astonished if one understands that one found for today again a very interesting topic about brooding and listing!


  5. How big is such a super-ego then? With 2.000 Doodles-pictures I can cope quite well already once! And now also with 12.000 sides of writing? And my partner picks out the right pdf-Datei from this quantity for himself in order to read in it?! How far should I make progress until he succeeds no more in choosing? Yes, the eternity be the eternity and the coincidence the coincidence! It is somehow no matter! Therefore, our brain is a part of the universe! It partially is with the God at home! Interesting!


  6. Not everyone can write so beautifully, in such a beautiful writing-style like for example the literature-Nobel laureates! Yes, it is about respect! One can also reach it differently, however, not only as through style! The quantity gives the style a hard time, it is no more everything! Well, that is good! So, everyone gets the respect which is necessary for him! Above all, if a human being is over 50 years old, he spent already so very many hours on Earth! Lonesome, sociable, busy, etc. hours. And already, that is clear: Respect would be installed here!


  7. So, it goes also with the fellow men! One can, if one likes, everyone heavily criticizes! Hand over a judgment on him! However whether they are truth? Yes, of course! But they are only part-truths! They are an aspect more! An argument more! But who has the overview over a topic, or the view at the topic what the most important argument is, the reason-framework, he will know how to find the truth also to it! Not only one part-truth? No, if one establishes, that he wants to find the most important argument, he will find a very important truth.


  8. However, it is so that one, as soon as one does something, also already asks: why one does it? That is philosophy! If one thinks something, already one wonders: why one thinks it? That is also psychology! As soon as something changes, one asks: why? Yes, it is so, if one is alive! Therefore if one is dead, is it not probably more so? That would be a logical conclusion! But nobody knows how free the spirit is! For the body, it is logical, but the spirit ... however, it dreams at night! That seems to me to be a very gigantic spirit in us and what it all makes happen! Yes, but everything great matters! It is madly perfectly! One would like to therefore meet it gladly nearer and asks from interest: why does the spirit respond so, why does it run into this direction, why did it not decide differently?


  9. However such a heaven (existence) also sometimes is certain glad that there is a logic! Anyway, if we now live in the heaven, then, we always lived so! Therefore, already the stone age-human being were in the heaven like we equally! And now, the robots come, they should understand the heaven, too! We also are allowed to this, if we want! For the robots, the heaven is exactly right! We didn't need it until now, we didn't understand the coincidence until now, that molds the heaven! How cool! How cool, that this was so unimportant until now! Because it always is only about the eternity in such a heaven!


  10. One can like everything not at all here, to feel everything as quite "beside it" here! Work feels heavily, loneliness must be, poorness must be, etc. pp! But one can look at it also under the aspect of the eternity! How would it be if it always continued so? Therefore please, please, merely not! Yes, one can have enough of it! However it gives existence to this others here, that want to look at it as a springboard! Yes, that also must be clear! That is love! Love to the existence, they like this existence! Yes, I can understand this! If they don't want, then, they don't get any love either and therefore feel also none! Have the one too much fear for the future or however before itself?


  11. Now, please explain the child, what is free here! Yes, therefore I typed 12.000 sides until now and others looked much TV! Yes, it is so well! The life can be really good, if it likes and if you like! But you can read also read an universe, all books, not only mine! This distracts from the dismal everyday life! Because the housework is the same daily! Yes, out from the oppressiveness, looks over the plate-edge quietly once! One must know this nowadays!


  12. Who can already say this? The people lived thousands of years without the Christian belief! Therefore from before 10.000 years before Chr. until Christi birth! Yes, everything remained in approximately same, no big advance, to see! However since the Christian belief is "in the power" goes it uphill continually! The advance still was recently, from 1950, not to detain! Does the youth make itself nothing from this belief? They fall back into the time through their human, quite animal, nature before Christi birth! Where does the well-behaved be concerned, everything is not so bad, if it is not one! Yes, we can recognize a sudden relapse! In the Middle-ages the belief also constantly admonished the people to the modesty, and if you like, you can look at the success of this nowadays! One cannot have any other Gods beside HIM! Why? Well, however, it is obvious! I remember this myself!


  13. The exceptional is like a big realization! I was allowed to experience something, for example: I was allowed to find such a sentence! There are many realizations, that one can learn about knowledge or experienced through combining! The exceptional is a highly intelligent matter! Yes, one tells about the exceptional, exactly like the news reports! If you died or also if you are very old – will you then forget really everything, what you experienced in your long life? No? No, because I don't want! I would like to keep it in the soul and like if I remember at the best, the positive! And if it is about negative in the heaven? Then, I can think of the exceptional! That is not the completely bad, it is a few to the astonishment! Since the exceptional, which catches up with us daily, nothing very bad is, nothing very bad therefore happens! Therefore one can accept it, it doesn't have to curse! It is such a matter, if happens exceptional daily! And not only once in the month! There, for example, somebody thinks very nicely at us! I make up the sentences here, every day on newcomers, every day, it goes on! However, which happens to us in such a way, comes directly from God. Because otherwise every day would be like this already has been! HE therefore finds it very important that every day is not like the other?! Now, I try to find out what is the important thing at it! Well, there surely come some ideas about it to my mind!


  14. My grandson now checks so slowly that, for example, the mankind is very, very old! And he checks simultaneously, that the all most were not the most intelligent men, just until now, because they had not studied! They were not able to go through such an excellent study! Therefore, were the most men more brainless than we! Nowadays, this means for many men, also in other continents, countries, that they are as intelligently as many! The normal chair-user lived already here many thousand years ago! But such a diary-writer, who wants to learn continually new, is modern! But you will find a lot of little “chair-users” everywhere on earth! This interests my grandson and us!


  15. Don't remove and think: so now, I will forgotten her/him! No, that is not valid! Because for that, they are too much human beings, therefore also too big! Too big, if one doesn't misjudge her/him! Yes, someone only simply want to forget the past or their past! Then, however, after forgetting, he/she will be a nobody, someone without a past! Better is to be proud on his/her past! Yes, one certainly can for always remember a quantity from the past, because it does somebody from you! One should like to remember your life, because – the forgetting goes quickly like by itself, you don´t have to do anything for it!


  16. One is completely through the wind with so many coincidences! In particular, a scientist can start not very much with the coincidence! Because however, one cannot prove it! No other word says so exactly, what is been meant! But it is probably a scientific word, because in the science it plays such a big role therefore in the middle of the natural laws! First I show on a picture: such a painted picture is as good as eternal! The priest likes to say: from eternity to eternity! And every picture is an independent eternity! So many eternities added up, yielded also only one eternity, however! Also just like 0+0 = 0 is! Yes, and somewhere there, we romp about! More, I don't know!


  17. Other material meets us! Yes, the empire of the philosophy! And it probably lies in the air? In fact so, that everyone of us can reach it, just like everyone also air gets! It must be a gigantic empire, and it is equally present everywhere? Craziness-idea! Yes, this gigantic empire is around about us? Yes, it reaches up to 10 m of height and we can serve ourselves there? It passes at us as the clouds pass by at us, too!


  18. There is, however, a lot to think about, if people are so egoistic! They often want to punish others! He had a Girl, that was not rightful, because they were not married! He/she must be punished! Yes, but not from you! The nature takes over this, it punishes much more elegantly, much more justly! One hardly notices it, but one is punished more elegantly! If fellow men take over this, however, it quickly becomes unfair! They exaggerate easily and gladly! They are not born to be a judge, but they like to act as judges! This brings much sorrow into the world! Please, be not only egoistic!


  19. Since no big events shock my private life, therefore no private stress prevails, no reason exists momentarily to feel unwell! However, if one thinks at the politics, then already! This knows my consciousness, but my body doesn't know it! Is it just like with the history-school-instruction for 12-year old students? One really doesn't know what the teachers about one wants! Why should one become excited? No, children don't want this, they rather really don't understand the word! Well, and? Well, and then, they fought on the battlefield, one just don´t need to introduce this to itselves! And in all details really not! Yes, so the body is still on nowadays! Just like a child! However the consciousness became more impressed from all the details! If it becomes clear for one, that one can also do badly, then, one finds many data, that illustrate, that in the history many men did badly! Oh, but a student comes to terms with this! Great!


  20. A society can clearly (all together) decide by themselves? Yes, one calls for example this: Fashion! It is a fashion-appearance! Something similar fills many people with enthusiasm simultaneously! Only the enthusiasm is important, all disadvantages are not so important! One must admit also once that there are very many aspects to a topic and that then the one or later - another especially important, appears! Nobody knows how important which is, since one still knows many of them, not at all consciously! Therefore sometimes: oh, however, that doesn't matter! Then, another aspect is the more important, about which one is enthusiastic!


  21. But it still is so: one can talk about everything, maybe in a cafe or a pub, however one can go also in a church and speak there to others about God as well! It still is a difference between pub / cafe and church! Or not? The philosophy rather belongs to the church! It includes a very proud (on itself proud), highly theoretical topic-area! How also a church is proud of its thoughts-property? Therefore this even as sacred marks? Maybe! Well, great! Maybe however also our thoughts-property, the philosophical therefore, is as blissful?


  22. On such a classic like Kant it wrote, the people had to wait for a long time on it! And only Kant could write this book! Maybe that it became easier, so that somebody who has not read Kant´s books, pushes on the same wisdom in his thoughts as the unique Kant? And this can much easier happen, because Kant's books were published, because they already were written! Everyone now has access to this knowledge! Why then this? Yes, thoughts can so rarely be, but maybe that there is a big pool around, maybe over us, that can be tapped also by all of us!


  23. Now, all of us think on a small pool of thoughts! However it is gigantic with exact contemplation! Yes, philosophers create new thoughts! Such a novel often is based on real stories! So to speak: everything was written already once, but here it is illuminate differently – but it is simply not anything new contained! Scientists and philosophers however, can manage new thoughts-property! That is interesting!


  24. I heard exactly a report about Alexa (robot-brain)! It will take over the jobs from intellectuals, managers or doctors, soon! Not only necessarily that of workers! This meant, that all the intellectuals must cope at home! Do they have desire at all to it, then? Therefore I am a pioneer! Because I had a very amusing afternoon again, today! I write further, so that I will reach my aim soon – the 12.000 sides! So that must become clearer to all of us! Write a book, an amusing, interesting matter is this! Please, do not dress everything only for children! Yes, we prepare for the robot-regency! Maybe still 100 years and already, it will be like this! Maybe only 50 years? How beautiful, that I do well!


  25. Yes, the big mathematician also is at home! Yes, the classics probably live all at home? Well, he can work at home! But don't forget that others don't train daily, not practice to write the letters! That one can simply have no desire, to sit at home! Yes, who ever endures it, can call himself "a classic"! However he only should not boast so much with this, because too many others had big disadvantages in that, they simply can´t manage this, they had very big problems with it! That would be damage-joy, if one constantly boasted about succeeding!


  26. Monod still says another very important matter: therefore it is pure coincidence, just like a card game with 200 cards or more, in which amino acids play together and so an individual protein will be formed! Well, one thinks: once so – and it is O.K.! But so it goes individually in us, in each of our cells! It involves billions of cells and a life long works this coincidence in the bodies! That is a body!!!! Monod says, that this must be a really strong strength! If one wants to disturbs it, the big coincidence turns into a bad coincidence, the cancer! But it is important to know, that it is on this occasion a strong strength! Good luck, we know!


  27. So precisely one can something painting and so precisely one can express something through words! One can this very precisely with 90 words! That is as fascinating as something otherwise! 90 words, that is then already a topic-length! Everyone can understand the sense with the help of 90 words, everybody understands now, what is meant!

  28. Animals can so clearly not express themselves? No! If a bird whistles, therefore a tone does, it always is the same pattern, variations are not at all allowed! We, the people however, can vary to a certain extent. 90 words say, that our pattern is this! We don't need to always do the same tones like the birds, etc. . no, but we constantly look after that, what is allowed to do, too!

  29. Yes, the love is sooner something for the heaven! It is better for the life after the death! Yes, the love is for the eternity! The life after the death is love! Because there will be not any pills, salves, etc. there, one will dependent at the love, it will the only something, one will have there! Therefore, one protects it better deeply in the heart! Yes, it regains the status, that is entitled it!


  30. Everything is so transient!Also there, stupidity helps at the least! One must be quite wise, then one can save also a quantity into the future – if it then exists! If one only always thinks, that everything is really transient, one is too stupid! The memory of the soul is wise! It keeps only very wise things! Therefore one can say, that the soul is divine, because it is very philosophically on the way! How wise - why not? However, that is a great matter! Police also know this and we! I feel to myself like a police officer! Or how a priests!


  31. What do I do now at night at 3 o'clock? I simply call the pope! Then, he answers as well! He then asks: who may then be the pope? Whoever thinks unconsciously of the pope, would like to be the double of him! But we call it "think of him" = telepathy! One didn't know this word 200 years ago! But the soul is simply as really as the body, even if one don't see it or can touch it! It is accessible! In this gigantic heaven full of souls, I chose the pope-soul and think of it, and it undertakes a trip like an internet-side to me and talks to me! My wish is therefore granted! All while the pope rests on his bed-camp and dreams peacefully of something else! Yes, a human being is already one huge giant!


  32. Only who is still alive, can come into the heaven! Therefore whoever doesn't want to be alive, this one not? However, you already now know the soul! It has a very good memory! They can take everything from you, if you are not sufficiently cruel and if you don't play along! But your soul will be full of your memories and this duet is like a treasure! If I therefore possess a memory, which stores the 50-years full of making progress, full of successes, full of wisdom, than I am somebody - in heaven! On Earth, they however only all think: leave her, she kills her time!


  33. The animals now are the nights over outdoor! Animals eat themselves mutually on – yes, but also a very cruel matter is such a cold winter-night! There were already some animal frostbitten! Yes, the nature is so, God is so! We human-women know, how painful the birth likes to be! Animals become within 2 min. executed, if they meet an eat-enemy! They must 2 min. suffers! Others freezes to death in the winter, they must suffer longer! Actually, such a birth is such a bad matter – however animals experience it on occasion! That are the gifts of God! At the animals, at the human-women! God likes to torture? Therefore one becomes strong, one says! The strongest will win and will propagate! Whoever is too weak, will be sorted out! Because the evolution has already a long route after itself until now! With millions of years had to be gotten through! There God finds that this is the best, surest way, that the fauna survives! For human-women a birth, for people and animals, a strict winter adds on top of this as well – so the selection certainly is sufficiently strictly positioned, only the strong have chances! So, one doesn't multiply unhindered until into the immeasurable! At least, the creation seems to have thought something at the torture to itself! One suspects the reasons!


  34. If one died in 1976, then, one still fits quite well into this time here! Then, one can quite well come clearly with his born-again soul – because it is into approximately still the same here! But if there is a very new time with many structure-changes, also new, free or respectable souls should sit down! Someday, a soul becomes too antiquated or something simular! Yes, one takes something from his 1. live, the unforgettable of that time! In the next living, one must follow it and therefore one is not very free! Someday, it crushes you, and you only live in the past! Then, new, alternative souls must come to earth! She knew this!


  35. If I write here, then, no one really thinks of me, however! It is so O.K., but it also is so as if I existed no more! What helps there? Somebody, that loves me! But usually one simply thinks of oneself! One already is so dead – well yes! What can help? The nature! How does a human being talk with a bird, who is at lilting? It lilts something, which the human being at the same moment thinks! That is a big art, I find! How do my thoughts reach the bird-brain? In fact not only the bird – but the whole bird-flock there outdoors! It is around me like a bubble-soul! The area listens to my thoughts! And even if I live no more here, the birds still become for itself at mine or can remind our thoughts! The area will not forget us! Therefore however there is the good nature and it lives on even if we will be no more alive! It loves us!


  36. Who understands this, that understands also the old Greeks or Romans! He understands also the old philosophers and the Bible or the Koran! There big truths stand in and if these consisted the truth of all the many centuries, then they would have to show their truth nowadays as well! We understand the old Greeks and we also understand, that there were not-philosophers also at that time! The kings, the emperor, the princes, were not so taught, that they knew the big works of the philosophers by themselves or even understood them! There have been just these truths for a long time, the scientifically correct truths, but they were not taken sufficiently seriously – unfortunately!


  37. Expensive fun is this aging body! But however, it is worthwhile! Yes, what I realize: if I don't create this here, do I become born-again in Africa maybe? But it will not only be to me so – but for many, many people. Many are pursues by this fear! Please, then smile further on here! Yes, I understand! One does, what is possible!


  38. Others should have respect for us and should not look at one so as if one constantly celebrates orgies!! Better is to fell love on the first gaze, so to speak! That is the karma! They even don't want looked at either so, as if they live too extremely, they want to be looked at as if they live better! So, the self-confidence refines in us! This shines out of us, others can feel it, they suspect how you live, what you are! These are the first beginnings and then these were to be found also already in the stone age! Ah, the shaman, ah, the chieftain – all fell on the ground and bowed, sliding themselves on knees! So well they already understood, that a human being can be more than an animal – and this were and is an important matter!


  39. But one sits only in one room anyway – all these letters, talks and thinking, so arduous effort a life long, had produced nothing at all! However – today, I lived through a funny afternoon! You make yourself over philosophy funny? That was funny – then, I therefore am also a clown? A clown produces funny talks! No, often, it was just not so funny – and I nevertheless remain sitting and write further! That is the art? But, what should this produce? However, this doesn't solve any problem? However it is like with an illness – the blockade must be solved! The life must be able to flow again unhindered! The blockades solve – through letters! Not to enter like a little plant without water – but pouring well, it will grow up and will thrive! The philosopher as little plant!


  40. The philosophy is presentable and one should not be in question put always! The big philosophers had their topics, however we have even much more topics! They had a topic and filled a book to this topic! Therefore, the philosophy was not presentable also at that time! Today we have many topics (from media, newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet), however, no thick books about everyone of these topics simply were written! But it better become, possibly will become, because we live as if we would stand in a gigantic library full of books! We read a title once, a summary – once here, once there and think: no, I would not like to read this, no, that also not and then: O.K., this here sounds interesting to me! Please, let the big philosophers write their books, however, whether we want to read them, we can decide for ourselves! Many still must have desire also nowadays, to want to write a thick book, because otherwise we could not select it to ourselves and read it! Yes, that became a good history!


  41. Yes, there one must give BUDDHA or God or whom, a big plus – because HE registers our performances! People always think, that they can simply look over these away! If they don't look, then, there is also the performance not at all! As a toddler, that one puts a towel over the head and tells: "Uiihhh, now, you are away!" Only there it doesn't want to register that the performance, written in the rear-room here, not yet is away! That is a big realization of the Gods, they understand that the performance of the people brought a change of the eternity and cannot therefore simply be forgotten – because the truth always comes to the light as you know! Thanks! It is acknowledged!


  42. Yes, even if one is in the eternity, one constantly must be afraid of something! The doubt doesn't yet stop before the eternity once! Yes, there is also the opposite from everything! Something can happened or not, can be true or not, can go wrong or not – so quite certainly one never and nowhere is!


  43. Something simply doesn't change every minute, in that one writes! So, it is! To be King, that is interesting in every minute! One is served, always even the First and the yard-state admires you! But to write so, it is purer and more logical! Rather just like the karma, that surrounds you, the karma, that you are, that became you through the letter! The power is only conceit! There is also divine power, therefore there is not only from people given or done power! Ah! The karma is divine power!


  44. I like too much, to write about very interesting things? The science is very interesting! For example many people only know that there are stars at the heaven! However, it essentially is a big, very interesting science – however many simply don't know anything about it! The instinct of interesting can be sharpened? Yes, one feels in security and is content with itself, because one knows so something! This one, however the most interesting thing, one don´t know, but we would not like to understand, because it would be exhausting to find out all of the universe! One likes to be complacent! One could say: the people are too lazy, their sense is not enough sharpened, to find out the very interesting, to search for it! Now then, they don't know probably either that exactly that can become dangerous!


  45. The much time wants spent daily and we hope, that it will give every day a new experience to us! But if one in the same office sits down at 7:30 o'clock and has the same routine daily, like for example, first e-mails check, then the meetings prepare etc., then, it is very difficult to shape these office-days 20 years daily differently! Is a true artist-spirit around and at the work there? Even, if critics now say that this spirit lets play with people like as they are babies or game-dolls! Well, then - we simply see it quite differently – we can recognize the gigantic artwork! As aworld-wide, daily new artwork – which involves all of us and nobody omits! With it everyone experienced the same, at least an unique combination! So, it goes on for a long life! It was allowed to us to make experiences, which only happen very rare or only once or just not any otherwise! And later people talk about their experiences with others! They will talk about what they know! It is all singular day-expiration – for as well as everyone! No matter, also you will have your fun!


  46. Yes, anyway I think now, about this "if I paint exactly, I have also thoughts!" These daydreams are up logically bound at the geometry? Therefore just as certainly as one prepares itself during the day subconsciously on the TV-evening, also so certainly is, that the daydreams, which begin, if one concentrates on the picture, very much certainly tie up to the geometry! We quite therefore are enslaved! However for example – the painted pictures solve our big worries, which open through the concept "enslaved”, with style!!!!


  47. Christina already was confident as 8-year old girl, that she "knows everything!" Also then one was not allowed to contradict her! Many people think subconsciously, that they know already since their youth of "all!" Yes, to cope well here maybe! One got a lot of general-formation in the school! However what I still find out here, if I take the time from myself to brooding, that is really astonishing! I therefore know that I don't yet know by no means everything! So they live here and they think, that they know already everything, so 60 years on, but you can learn here so much, that you would be busy for 60 years!


  48. No, simply to exchange us, no, that is nothing for us! For many of us not! Yes, that would be a goal! To master a matter so well, that one is no more exchangeable! Yes, so far you can bring it with yourself! Can one say, that only the best things make it until there? Or are these meant, that love very much? Not yet once a Head of a company is such a somebody, that is non-exchangeable – because he went, and another sat down at his place! And nevertheless they, the non-exchangeables, exist? Clearly, but: also their fame is transient? Certainly, if there are not any more history-books, then is everything completely transient!


  49. Another topic, another wisdom, another instruction! Yes, it is so! In the end, I have 5 quite different opinions in my head and find it rather chaotically! So quite different topics as well as – sub-topics! What now is the matter with it? Yes, one has this everything in its head! One learns so much through the media, through the school, through the books and one keeps this all in his memory! It is so impressive that one will never forget it! Never? Maybe it is so, because of what we learned in the primary school, one knows in the age as well! Many ancient ladies or men still can the poems by heart, that they had to learn in their youth at the school! One therefore has a gigantic head, a big memory! Yes, why one should want get into the hell, why one should want get angry – but exactly this I will forget quickly I! Otherwise I would not be capable to breathe anymore! Because, if I forget this, I will not forget everything!


  50. Philosophy is: to recognize the own weakness and unconsciousness! (Karl Jaspers) Yes, I understand this well, but make this clear to the people! Such a simple formula, but one doesn't find it out from itself, what is the matter with one? Ask somebody once: where does philosophy start in your life? It is not clear to the most of us! Thanks for such a clear word! One can also say: everything over what I ponder, is not clear to me! Something is clear to me, but not everything! However often one finds the contrary opinion, that everything simply is clearly and well understood! The egotist is certain! However philosophers mean, that one can bring him fast to the disbelief! Since the doubt is so logical, for example nobody can simply look into the future! Also everything can come completely differently as one thinks! Then, it will be differently from what one means, that he/she knows it certainly !


  51. Maybe some can this, but these punch-lines, these hair-splittings, that are, from his feather originated from, and they belong so completely to him! Even if everyone observes everything world-wide anytime, not one will be able to imitate him so fast? Then, there must be a mass of punch-lines and hairsplittings! And it will become in the course of time more and more!


  52. Yes, God stays again away from all! HE simply is such a type, that likes to punish – probably if it is necessary, but not on the manner like for example BUDDHA, where each individual is punished for its crimes, but HE is mightier. HE immediately then damns these all! Therefore, HE keeps out quite beautifully! But HE sends forward his sacred spirit, and it can watch that it can still save something! Because help needs as well as everyone here! The saint spirit can be good, if it wants! And it seems to be well-disposed! The media essentially are, the art – the sacred spirit's books! There, one can recognize it very good! Andit can work here – God is down calmed through it, HE doesn't need to intervene! HE would not like to have to direct! Yes, we will fill his wishes!


  53. The love simply now is not so strong, however! No, one can also hurt the body very much! The soul must this all endures, which one does to it, but the love – not! It shatters quickly - we therefore must exert ourselves humanly and be just, otherwise no one will love us anymore!


  54. He always must be careful here, if he doesn't want to become ran over from brainlessness! From this arises that one is searching for another life-content, something seeks, which really interests one, for example a friend! And then you will forget the science so completely! Because however, it is done for high scientists and not for the normal people! A researcher, who has a research-area as well, he can deem himself very happy! If he still then finds somebody, who finances it, all the better! But to write and to become a philosopher – that can absolutely everyone world-wide and this absolutely gratuitously, one doesn't yet need others, that help you, one can build this up quite alone!


  55. Very interestingly, however for me none philosophy-sentence! They sat already thousand years ago, also already 2x thousand years ago, around here, meditated, brooded and became wise men! It is a matter in order to get closer to the heaven! Just, there is not only the scary news – the heaven also works! The heaven for itself is for the eternity, the problems violate, they change in the course of time! Oh, where is the heaven? Here, exactly in you! The problems pass, however the wise men want into the heaven! Is there therefore a heaven for wise wo/men, whose souls were allowed to become old on the earth? And such a soul should not be on earth any longer? But would I like to go to such a heaven? Beside some old chinese wise men? Yes, if here are not any more wise wo/men – I would also be gladly then to get into the Chinese heaven for wise wo/men!


  56. Yes, one must be careful that it is similar at all possible – to simply alter the evolution once! You don't want every night for 50 years in the darkness and be silent? Well, if you want to alter it – then, you simply don't want to wake up any more! No, that definitely not, therefore you agree again to go to work during the day? One is not allowed to spoil the people to much! You see – such a dream in the night is a gigantic luxury therefore!


  57. Well, the death is already a huge end-line! But we will caught from the heaven a little, I hear for example constantly the radio! Then, the radio-heaven will catch me, when I will be dead – if my soul is far too quiet! However, I think, it will neutralize itself! The radio doesn't need me, it runs without me. it will also pick up my soul like a gigantic sea? I hope it!


  58. Maybe that one can make a career as deceased soul as well, exactly like in the life? That remains, one must wait for this! Just if one is alive, one gets something consciously with from his career ! A deceased soul still has memories, but it doesn't have any consciousness! It flies wildly through area, however it does not know about this at all! Yes, one must have put the installations to it in the life! For the soul, it then is a habit – therefore, be peaceful – otherwise your soul is still forced to land there, where it would not like at all! No, I would take attention to it before by myself!


  59. One said the word "king" and everyone would be able to say something about it or to write an essay about his thoughts about the topic "be king!" Say "king" and you immediately have an opinion about it! You find "being a king" good or not! One can immediately answer this question. although one first should write a 3-page essay, because of the correctness! At the end of the essay, a resume should stand! But the people are good in foreseeing – they go through here without the duty to have to write essays daily! That is a reason in order to be proud of itself – but why then write an essay? Yes, at the moment, I stray from the topic, it goes to be about the "king”, however, and my opinion about it and not over my opinion to "daily essays!" This is a conversation, that is also topic-chance including! From the little wood little on to the little stock! I had not written down the “being able to foreseeing”, then also not the next topic! It is also a matter of the diligence!


  60. The boss didn't find any matching applicant – such a bad luck! How loudly does one hear then this? Also applicants of far come to him! One likes to hear things, which are important for one! Yes, as I like to search like a loony for such a particular “Oldtimer”-car? Eyh, this here, it suits me exactly well! One hears, what one likes to hear! Therefore in the end very much, very much! An overstimulation – in it our brain finds the way around? No, sooner, so far and clearly, like also the heaven can be seen! Great!


  61. It is really important, that the doubt can be so strong! That is a really important matter! Many say: why do I have only one so small apartment, I would prefer a beautiful house – however the time is ripe probably not yet? Or: will I always be able to find money sufficiently in order to be able to pay the rent or to create the payment of the credit? Or: ah, I live in the city, much cheaper would life be on the country however! The doubt is one very strong, very important matter! Maybe they would like to reach an aim longingly, however the doubt moves in them and is often stronger! The notion is stronger!


  62. Exactly like my son! They don't have to write it down in order to prove for themselves, that they are respectable people! They simply have the correct idea, the correct thought, at the correct moment! So, many people are alive! Yes, strictly speaking: everyone wants to be able to live without writing, but sometimes his own strength is too weak at the crucial moment! Because they first had to think through an aspect, in order to reach after that the optimal final result, therefore with in-calculation of the part-issue! Writing-training therefore is a good matter, however!


  63. God's miracles – are you willing to respect these? Or do you want for example, only to be even bigger? No, only mighty! Because whoever has respect of a miracle, that lowers the gaze, if he is confronted with it!


  64. But so much becoming exhausted mentally, the farmers still were so flat – they didn't have any stimulation, no alternation – at the king-yard, already the intrigues were made up – however the farmers were too inert to it! Mentally inertly – that are the mentally hindered also! It is a type of hindrance? Well, it must be developed – however, the brain is capable for more performance! It seems to be made for more performance! It seems, that everything was prepared by the evolution in order to be able to be mentally fit, which already a miracle is! Yes, a lot of scientists, artists, intellectuals are alive nowadays – they only need to want to start with work and everything is good!


  65. Yes, she could sometimes cry, if she thinks at the new, busy week, which stands again in front of her! I always looked forward at the few free hours, for these, it is worthwhile to already live and to take on so many efforts! There, many would disagree with me! But if one takes an artwork as example: it can be very, very valuable, displayed in museums, only because there many people can look at it! Also the earth is so! As if it was a gigantic artwork and is very precious! The life itself is also a big artwork – and this could be clearer to us! It rewards itself to wait with patience for your leisure time, for the few hours – we will be rewarded – from the art even by itself!


  66. He/she is for example a awfully successful manager or archaeologist, a luminary in his/her specialty, world-famous! However in the private – he/she doesn't know any other topic as his/her neighbors! She/he is quite sad and wishes her/him a partner, however, who is as intellectual as she/he, she/he must be able to bring on other thoughts in her life! Therefore amuses her/him with other topics – but it must be interesting topics, not any small thing, no, but he/she must be her/his entertainer at the Dinner! She/he loves him/her since he/she is such an amusing conversation partner! O.K., understood! But merrily he/she should be as well and – whom you then love? One can get along also over it, stand high over it!


  67. But children would like to understand, that it is a quantity, what they all already know base-wisely! Yes, children, here are 12.000 sides fully with knowledge, for you! Children want to understand, that I didn't thinks this up, but that we have found a solid funds of almost infinite size, fully with knowledge – something for everyone can appropriate alone by itself, if he deals with some diligence! Then, children (all) constantly must not new invent the wheel again!


  68. One could not hold the partner, he was bored and wanted to make new experiences with new persons! He wants so to meet somebody nearer! Anyway, many persons in love don't treat themselves well mutual! Otherwise, it is the same every day – the older persons want to tell this to you! They admire themselves mutually without having produced performance for it! "Only" because I had produce a performance, that was not necessary at all, they do not like me? No, some of them are too egoistic!


  69. I therefore would like, that already parents recognize, that their child can philosophize madly good already! And that we adults recognize, how often however we simply have philosophical thoughts in the course of the everyday life! Because this frequently is the case! No one only noticed it probably until now! I would like to alter this! I would like to show to the wo/men, that they also belong to the imperial family! Yes, whoever understands this, understands more!


  70. Mrs. King was allowed to become 99 years old – however Mara, the bitch, only 12 years! With it both are bodies! The one body survived well such a long time, the other by no means! Power was very fast worn-out! Already funny! This morning, I noticed, that chickens produce really quite wonderfully round eggs and that on a new every day! Birds also become as old as dogs although they usually are much smaller! One must impress the nature or just God, this does the body good!


  71. Maybe that here exists scientifically more valuable, but the situation requires my whole attention! Yes, the philosophy is not still the reality! Its truths are eternally validly, but the moment can be more important than the eternal!


  72. How free are the thoughts? Quite free? Yes, there the brain meets with the soul, with its character, with its qualities, talents! There, both adapt! The brain as executing organ? No, it is only one piece of meat, which works, like a computer? But, what happens in it, is only a pure matter of the soul? However, we need also a few matter of quality-management! This is a very expensive clock, because it runs very precisely or just one from the department store, that in 3,99 $ costs? Well, however, the very expensive clock will simply work more precisely? I think, that it is fewer the quality of the brain than of the soul? One can train brains – souls perhaps, too?


  73. How big the burden was a time ago, through the insecurity, however, whether we will be able to work it all out – however I often pushed the burden sufficiently aside, it constantly didn't interest me! I much rather was well alive! There is a fight between sacred spirit and the negatives, which can destroy you, in you! Collapsed under the burden? No, I often pushed it sufficiently away – I concentrated me on other things! So feel many people!


  74. Yes, there is something inside of you, something that lives, because of that, the “something” will be not always the same! In earlier times people did not know, what was inside of them! Earlier they went to the church, there one spoke of the souls! Even earlier – there they became not so old, as that they could recognize this?


  75. I experienced it by myself! It acts about: does one find the philosophy-sentence in the age of 4 years or with 57-years? Well, no matter, if one always holds it with the philosophy-sentence, as if one would like to find it! Then it doesn't make any difference! Also a great matter! The knight of the philosophy-sentence! He/she likes to look for it – no matter how old he/she is! The chances, that he/she will find a philosophy-sentence also are quite good! So, when he/she likes to search, it is ok! Don't give it up merely! No, no, we then love the philosophy-sentence – look here, we are able to find it! However, this motivates us! Then, one gladly doesn't like to do only much nonsense!


  76. Also the many miners pulled through their job! They were not the most intelligent people, but the character-strongest people completely certainly! Nowadays, the people are rather feeble and fall fast into every nonsense! How fast this has changed! Maybe that we all are mastered unconsciously by later generations or by earlier generations – just because their souls were mighty or will be! Mighty? Yes, just more powerfully, more intelligently, convinced, healthier, more athletically – oh, what know I?


  77. Becoming Green, you must earn also your money – however, they fulfil themselves in the private – as well as it just is possible! Oh, however, this doesn't bring anything! Yes, if everyone has a better lifestyle, behaves better, then, this brings very much probably something! There are so big differences here: 50 applicants for a working-place, one of those is put in, however, in the end there is full-employment, what means, that everyone gets a job, only where, is uncertain! Or: a settlement doesn't get everyone either! Or: whether one gets a boy or a girl? Or for example, whether the parents are long alive or such matters! There, the private then works in! Admittedly not as obviously as the money, however in the background, but it simply works! Who looks at it exactly, can recognizes which heavy force the private has on the environment!


  78. Anyway, I write about the topics and from the theoretical of the psychology and philosophy! Yes, one can prove the one, and therefore you know it 100 percent, but the other one cannot be proved – but through a lot of training with the things, therefore with 100% knowledge of things, one becomes surer, one can better imagine oneself, that it so would be logically, therefore truth is! Because one cannot prove it, however you get the feeling, that it is probably correct in this way! Therefore I simply will train again with the facts, with the things, today, to learn to recognize their truths! Later, I can try with theoretical to look for its truths! Early starts to train himself, who wants to become a master! The children also already train with!


  79. Someday, everyone begins – with the fierce reflection, with the use of his full intelligence! Who believes in an old planet full of farmers, that already have their 1. life behind themselves? Who suspects that wanting to activate the head fully is worthwhile? So intelligently, one can be quite well alive nowadays! There is also therefore such an intelligent heaven! Yes, there also already is the heaven for the clever people – maybe it always existed?


  80. The topic is again the nature and how much luck with the food-search it grants us? Yes, the God or the nature? Who grants us very much luck? If we pray diligently, then, the Gods are favorably minded for us, maybe we then have more luck than if we trust "only" in the nature! Animals don't need to pray anyway! People pray since a long time ago, because they would like to support their luck, help to favor! We would like to after-help so that we would have more profit! Therefore, we invented Gods! Well, if it helps, think the animals!


  81. Birds don't eat 24hours/day, no, they are also very much in the air and fly! Because the birds could mutate to ream! They have all four necessary qualities to it, that also the dinosaurs had! But they don't mutate – no, they still know something else than the body! They like to fly and to look by themselves on everything from above! Birds lived already 65 million years ago, because at that time, the dinosaurs died out, that had populated 165 million years-long before the birds the earth! Why are birds not bigger? Maybe they waited religiously for something important?


  82. Yes, I can be proud of my 4 sources, that are installed here and bring God so much nearer to me, however! TV is on in the morning, DVD too, mp3 too, and the radio is on, too! So, it is a funny Circus! One can do splendid dialogues! If however, somebody would understand once. that God is very alive! Of course, that I don't see him, but his soul is very alive! In fact here with me in the room! The actors are playing very lively, their facial expression is very alive, also if they talk it is much more alive, than if we talk! The actors, whose I hear and see, are spokespersons of God! So it is possible that HE can say us what HE thinks! HE can do himself so well noticeable, so he can talk clearly! I love this – however – I think, that nobody shares my love to this saint Circus?


    Oktober 2018






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